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Fears of Neck-Biting and Excited Shrieking at LA Live's Occupy Twilight Encampment

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A tent city sprung up in Downtown LA last week as fans camped out in hopes of eventually standing outside the premiere of a movie about teenagers in creepy love affairs: "More than a thousand people have camped in front of the Nokia L.A. Live Theater for five days. They're 'Twilight' fans awaiting Monday's 7 p.m. red carpet premiere of the fourth film in the series – 'Breaking Dawn, Part 1.'" reports KPCC. Fans came from as far as New Zealand to occupy the South Park land, and were visited by cast members including Jackson Rathbone and BooBoo Stewart, who "showed up for a breakfast-time autograph session and photo fest" on Sunday, according to the LA Times. CBS LA reports that the encampment has encountered opposition, but remains strong: "They were asked to pack up by 6 a.m. Monday, but more than 1,000 of them received wrist bands, which will allow them to stand near the red carpet Monday afternoon."
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