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RetailWatch: Westwood Target Opens in July, Big Hopes for Downtown's White Box

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WESTWOOD: Long rumored and teased, it's now confirmed: CityTarget is coming to Westwood. The urban Target concept (similar to Downtown's forthcoming outpost) will open in July and take up 98,000 square feet in the old Home Depot Expo space on Weyburn. Maybe Westwood is actually bouncing back. [Curbed Inbox]

HISTORIC CORE: So what's the deal with that weird, empty, two story white box (photo after the jump) that went up at Ninth and Main a year or so ago? (Not to be confused with the white box installed in Edina Monsoon's kitchen [video].) Blogger Brigham Yen tells us he inquired with the owner, who responded that nothing's leased but he's hoping for an Apple Store. That's optimistic. Downtown hasn't really broken the high-end glass ceiling and Apple usually likes to build their own spaces, but what else could go in there? [Curbed Staff]