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Neutra's Staller and Troxell Houses Both Pricechopped

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Though the Kronish House saw some good fortune come its way a month ago, the Bel Air Staller House has been stalled and resting on its listing laurels despite a recent pricechop from $10.9 million to $8.5 million. Then there's Neutra's Troxell House, which almost seemed to have a success story. After a pricechop in March ($4.45 million to $4.19 million), it finally went into escrow in August this year, but it seems that fell through. The 1956 four-bedroom Pacific Palisades dream house is back on the market. Japanese film director (and ex-husband of pop star Hikaru Utada) Kazuaki Kiriya bought the Neutra in 2004 for $2 million and relisted it on Thursday for $3.95 million.
· 901 Bel-Air Rd [Redfin]
· 766 Paseo Miramar [Redfin]

Troxell House

766 Paseo Miramar, Los Angeles, CA