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Kings Road Condo Gets a Gold Medallion

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit the condo at 1015 N. Kings Rd. #110.

1015 N. Kings Rd. #110
Price: $465,000
Bed/Bath: 2/2
Isn't 110 on the Ground Floor?: The condo number had us a little worried this would be a tough sell, but the "ground floor" isn't exactly on the ground. There's an indoor-outdoor area that's got some iron bar protection, but you can see you're too far up for your typical burglar.
Who Was There?: The obligatory elder gay couple walked in right before us, but the sign-in sheet was pretty packed and the agent said that the open house attendees ranged in age significantly--just as the building's current inhabitants do.
Pet Friendly: The current owners have dogs (pictured in the listing photos) that they let out onto the patio. Quite the privileged pups!
Updated 11/14 9:17 am: Gold Medallion: The building was built in the *sixties and was awarded Total Electric Gold Medallion, the LEED of its time. The building runs only on electricity and every condo has a medallion emblazoned above the doorbell to show off the prestigious award. At one time this was cutting edge!
· 1015 N Kings Rd #110 [Redfin]