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Butler Type Looking For Houseman-Room Exchange in Glendale

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A wayward butler type, late of New York, has somehow made his way to Glendale and finds himself in need of housing. He is willing to serve as your houseman, of course:

I have served as a Houseman/Housemanager/Caretaker/Overseer for our family turn of the century old mini estate and thus looking to parlay my aforementioned skills/experience etc; into a Houskeeper, Houseman, Overseer, Caretaker etc;. Personally, characteristically I possess sterling commmunication, presentation, interpersonal skills with an unmistakable syle/flair, presence and dynamism coupled with and reinforced with an equally infectious, contagious wit to boot. Additonally, I have an engaging and magnetic and affable top notch professional demeanor. Moreover, I am a consummate communicator with the unique ability to establish sense of rapport and camaraderie with divergent and disparate populations and audiences'. I possess a superlative solid business, legal and medical acumen with the ability to craft exemplary long/short form writing, business corespondences' etc. I like to think of myself with somebody of unimpeachable character, integrity and ethics along with outstanding personal and professional etiquette.

I would be open and receptive to a possible arrangement of approximately 15-20 hrs. pr/wk albeit negotiable and contingent on the situation. I USE TO LIVE IN OUR OLD FAMILY MINI-ESTATE WHICH CAN BE VIEWED AT TARRYHERE.COM

* Internal Functions: Window Washing, Varnishing, Dust Busting, Crimping, Primping, Tweaking, Mopping, Cob Webbing etc;.

* External Functions: Lawn Maintenence, Flower Arrangement, Shrubbery (Trimming, Edging,) Snow Removal, General Aesthetics.

* Nooks and Crannies Perfectionist !!!!!!!

* Vendor Management:

*** If the latter profile, skills and experience are of any interest please contact me at the enclosed email/number so we can arrange a mutually conveinent time to discuss in greater detail how my collective pool of skills would best fit and serve the position.

Thank you very much.

M. Spencer

· ''live-in-exchange'' (Glendale) [Craiglist]