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Malibuites Ward Off Outsiders With Fake No Parking Signs

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How are rich Malibuites keeping the plebs off their beaches now? Fake and illegal parking signs! The LA Times reports that "The warnings are so prevalent and often so convincing that parking next to a fake sign can get you a real ticket. Even when residents are told to take the signs down, they quickly come back." And of course the signs are most prevalent by the best beaches (and thus, usually, the best real estate). The welcoming folks by Lechuza Beach have hired security on Fourth of July weekends so they don't have to do they don't have to do the dirty work of blocking off spaces themselves. The California Coastal Commission actually has enforcement people on FakeWatch and it can sometimes take "weeks of research" to distinguish a real sign from an impostor (very old signs, for instance, can look fake). However, it's also a low funding priority for the government and Caltrans has taken down fewer than ten fakes from the PCH in the past two years. Malibu's mayor, John Sibert, implies to the Times that the city needs more public parking lots.
· Do-it-yourself parking bans in Malibu [LAT]