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Short Order Sighting, Luxe Coffee in Industrial District, Beams in Baldwin Hills, Turkey Day Planning

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Updated 10:01 pm: FAIRFAX: Bask in this shot of Short Order, the new burger restaurant from Mozza's Nancy Silverton and the late Amy Pressman. Short Order, complete with a nice drinks menu, opens November 18.

INDUSTRIAL DISTRICT: Eater swung by Handsome Coffee Roasters, a 3,500 square foot coffeehouse under construction in Downtown. This looks like a fancy endeavor (lots of glass windows and freshly-poured concrete floors) and a Father's Office kind of joint (no soy milk and limited drinks). No word on an opening but you may be able to stop by for a sample. Also interesting--one of the three handsome guys behind the endeavor is Mike Phillips, the 2010 World Barista Champion.

BALDWIN HILLS: Things are moving right along for Baldwin Hills's under-construction Post and Beam restaurant. The seasonal California joint is supposed to open in early December, but that seems like a long-shot. Regardless, a veggie and herb garden, al fresco dining patio, and open-hearth wood-burning oven will all be part of the finished product.

LOS ANGELES: While LA is usually a ghost-town during Thanksgiving--nobody's from here, duh--if you're one of the few left, there are plenty of options if you want to skip cooking. Eater's got you covered with a map and suggestions that include Cecconi's and Napa Valley Grille.
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