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$3,000 Rentals in 7 Los Angeles Neighborhoods

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The same amount of rent means many different things in many different things in many different neighborhoods. So far we've explored what $1,600 and $2,400 can get you around LA. Today the magic number is $3,000.

Location: Eagle Rock
What you get: A two story, four bedroom, three bathroom house with balconies, two living rooms, a fireplace, walk-in closets, a jacuzzi, central heat and AC, and a barbecue.

Location: Bel Air
What you get: A three and a half bedroom, two bathroom furnished guesthouse. Comes with "lots of closet space," a deck, a patio, and washer/dryer.

Location: Westchester
What you get: A three bedroom house with one and three-quarter bathrooms, fireplace, dishwasher, backyard, and gardener.

Location: Mid-Wilshire
What you get: A three bedroom lower level unit in a duplex that's been "remodeled from head to toe." It has one and a half bathrooms, a dining room, and a breakfast room.

Location: Santa Monica
What you get: Remodeled 1924 bungalow north of Montana with three bedrooms and front and backyards.

Location: Century City
What you get: A two bedroom, one and a half bathroom unit in a duplex with a backyard area, two driveway spaces, a fireplace, and half of a garage "for storage."

Location: West Hollywood
What you get: A detached two bedroom, two bathroom unit in a triplex (not sure how that works, but let's go with it). It comes with a yard, a 42 inch plasma TV, washer/dryer, and paid water, trash, and gardening. Plus "Tenant has right to use of dog run / vegetable garden in side yard."
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