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Magic Castle's Ghost is Ok Following Crafty Magical Fire

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The Magic Castle is doing ok the day after a Halloween fire that was obviously the work of the spirit world. It hopes to reopen on Friday (it had to cancel its big Halloween celebrations, which, as everyone on earth has noted, was "inferno"-themed). The cause of the fire is still unknown, but the LAFD has determined it was an accident, despite clear evidence linking it to some seriously dark magic: "Because of the building's compartmentalized construction and its complexity in design, the fire was able to conceal itself within the walls and attic of the Magic Castle. For a time, the fire seemed, almost, to prevent itself from being discovered and perhaps hoped to extend the theme of the magic club's week-long promotion, on its own." Still, no one was injured (there were only employees inside when the fire broke out) and the fire was out in just over an hour, thanks to 120 firefighters and a sprinkler system that helped keep things in check.

The Magic Castle says on Twitter that "For those who asked, both Irma and the Houdini Room are untouched." Irma is the Castle's piano-playing ghost, who has a residence in the music room. The Houdini Séance Room "is decorated in the High Victorian style and features many priceless pieces of Houdini memorabilia including the only set of cuffs Houdini was unable to open," according to the Castle's website. Houdini died on October 31 and was famously anti-spiritualist; there's a tradition of Houdini Séances, held in the hope that he'll communicate from beyond.

The Magic Castle adds that "The care the @LAFD took in knocking this down is unparalleled," and the LAFD says that "Great lengths were taken to keep this Los Angeles area landmark and all of its historical content safe from extensive damage."

The Castle also Twitters that it hopes to reopen Friday, but should know more in the next couple of days.
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