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Shia LaBeouf's Neighbors Can Keep Their Big Paparazzi Wall

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Shia LaBeouf's Sherman Oaks neighbors will get to keep their super-tall paparazzi-deterring wall--the City Council voted 11-0 today to overturn decisions by a zoning administrator and the South Valley Area Planning Commission that said the wall had to go. Joe and Orit Picker built a six foot six inch tall (plus another foot with lighting) wall around their property on Deervale Drive to keep out paparazzi who came by looking for LaBeouf. The city limits most walls to 42 inches tall. After the zoning administrator and planning commission both denied an application for the Pickers to keep using their wall, City Councilmember Paul Koretz got involved and took the issue to the City Council, which received a letter in support of the wall from one Mr. Big Transformers Movie Star.

The LA Times reports that Koretz argued today that "photographers who entered the Pickers' property 'could get a great shot of the patio where Shia LaBeouf could be eating breakfast' next door" and that all the neighbors had too-tall fences and walls too. Some neighbors, on the other hand, said the wall was way out of place in the neighborhood and that the Pickers should be more like that dreamy LaBeouf fellow, who has "a nice tasteful fence," according to one resident.

The Council decided that the wall was "crucial" for the Pickers' security. Koretz says the wall will still have to be reviewed by the Department of Building and Safety and the Board of Public Works.
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