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Hancock Park Paul Williams Remodeled, But With Integrity

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 339 S. Orange Dr., a house that puts its architect front and center in its pitch.

339 S. Orange Dr. (Hancock Park)
Price: $1.699 million
Architect: Paul Williams
Year Built: 1926
Latest Remodel: The current owners found this place in sub-par condition and undertook an extensive remodel. Using the painted details on the crossbeams in the living room as the inspiration, they remodeled the bathrooms with tiles to match and updated the sinks and bathtubs. Despite an abundance of new appliances (like the Miele espresso maker in the kitchen wall), a lot of the updates could pass for original if they weren't in such good condition.
Who Was There?: Serious-faced potential buyers out on a mission.
Breakfast Nook: 'Nuff said. It's really awesome.