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Old Bank District Gentrification: The Musical

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LA Weekly reviews the new Los Angeles Theater Center play The Vault: Unlocked, a not at all veiled hit on the Old Bank District and the gentrification parade it led in the Historic musical form! The story starts with "greedy real estate developer Ron Dillinger" (that name sounds pretty close to OBD developer Tom Gilmore's, doesn't it?) falling to his death from a rooftop near Sixth and Spring Streets. More from the LAW:

Suspects include a local dress maker whom Dillinger couldn't buy; a down-and-out entrepreneur whose dreams were crushed when Dillinger cut him out of a deal; a kinky dominatrix; the homeless population; and Dillinger's impregnated, undocumented maid. The immigrants, drug addicts, hot dog vendors and small merchants all have a common enemy in Dillinger, and they despise the homogenous crowd his live/work developments attract. While clues to the murder are slowly gathered, hilarious song-and-dance numbers about "hurricane hipster" keep the social commentary on track. An intensely pathetic gaggle of overconfident dudes practically shoot their wads in anticipation of the downtown artwalk, at which they intend to soak up the ironic coolness of the grimy area and "get wasted at a dive bar." The local hot dog vendor is hilariously displaced at said artwalk by a hot dog eating performance artist. The Weekly calls The Vault a "go."
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