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First Female Foosball Figure Raising Money For Breast Cancer

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Parties: We like them! Invite us to yours!

Event: A breast cancer fundraiser/foosball tournament at Ford&Ching's design showroom in the Kim Sing Theatre. The event was co-hosted by F&C and RS-Barcelona, the company behind the Dwell-ready foosball tables (the pink ones have the world's first female foosball figures).
In the house: The beautiful and the hip (seriously, even for a design event), Willard Ford of Ford&Ching, a team of foosball ringers, and we could've sworn we saw City Councilmember Jan Perry.
Menu: No food, just Singha and generously-poured vodka/Izze cocktails. BYO aspirin.
Dress code: Huge heels, skinny pants, untucked dress shirts, and, on one team of foosball players, American flag pants.
Gift bag contents: Prizes were for winners only, but included foosball player wall hooks.