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Crazy Limo Traffic Stunt: For Science!, Lautner Restoration Panel, Guide to Sunday's CicLAvia

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BRENTWOOD/BURBANK: A new show called This Vs. That (which tests for the best option between, say, paper and plastic) is pulling a stunt on the 405, 101, and 134 Freeways on Monday morning to find out if it's faster to weave in and out of traffic or to stay in one lane. The three hosts will test the options in three limos driving from the Bel-Air Bar & Grill to the 134's Pass Ave. exit in Burbank. In one car, a band will write an original song, which they'll perform at the end of the ride; in another, members of Hamburger Mary's Drag Queen Bingo will play bingo; and in the third, four tourists will play parlor games for cash prizes. Who knows what any of that has to do with weaving, but it sounds fun! [Curbed Inbox]

KOREATOWN: As part of the year-long John Lautner centennial, the LAConservancy is hosting "Preserving Lautner's Legacy: The Spectrum of Stewardship" at the Wilshire christian Church Fellowship Hall this Sunday afternoon. Panelists include Lautner Associates principal Helena Arahuete, Harpel House owner Mark Haddawy, multiple-Lautner-owner Michael LaFetra, and architects Frank Escher and Ron Radziner. They'll discuss five recently-renovated Lautner houses and the best approaches to renovation. [Curbed Inbox]

EAST HOLLYWOOD-BOYLE HEIGHTS: But first: it's CicLAvia 3! Here's a rundown on this edition of LA's favorite temporary linear park, with maps of everything going on along the route (plus where to find bathrooms). [Curbed Staff]