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Bring Your Rollerskates to El Sereno Live/Work Studio

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Granted, this live/work space in El Sereno isn't exactly what you'd call homey or cozy, and it doesn't seem to come with anything resembling a yard or garden, but on the plus side, we reckon you could throw a really fun roller-disco party here. Per the listing, the 4,006 square foot property features two bedrooms, two baths, concrete slab floors, high ceilings, custom cabinetry, pocket doors, skylights, a glass paneled garage door, an "updated kitchen with high end appliances, new tankless water heater, and 200 amps 120/240 volt 3 phase 4 wire electrical panel" (whatever that means). Asking price for the 1960s-era building is $630,000.
· 5081 ALHAMBRA Ave [Redfin]