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Fake Prince Announces Mayoral Run on Sunset Strip Billboard

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Does Zsa Zsa Gabor husband and media hound Frédéric Prinz von Anhalt get a price break on this Van Wagner-owned billboard at Sunset and Sherbourne or what? First he heralded his and Zsa Zsa's wedding anniversary on the sign and now he's using it to announce his candidacy for mayor of Los Angeles (he'll hold a press conference either today or tomorrow). Zev Yaroslavsky and Rick Caruso are surely trembling in fear right now. Luckily, the fake prince's policies fit neatly on the billboard: "Get Los Angeles Back to Work?. Lower Taxes?. Lower DWP Bills."

Meanwhile, over at his other piece of real estate, Frédéric and Zsa Zsa have chopped the price on their Bel Air mansion, from $15 million down to $12.9 million. It's been officially on the market since June.
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