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Post-Modern Pasadena Craftsman With Brokerbabble Fake ID

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Here's how the listing describes this five bedroom house in Pasadena:

Majestically sited amongst meandering paths and tranquil gardens, a stately century old Morton Bay Fig proudly graces the Jacobs estate with distinction. The Jacobs home was commissioned by Joseph J Jacobs, founder of Jacobs Engineering Group Inc, and his wife in [year redacted]. Affectionately named Landmark House by the Jacobs, this home commands a presence suggestive of many historical craftsman estates in Pasadena. Sounds like it could be a century old, right? But the next part muddles things a bit: "The exquisite woodwork was heavily influenced by Sam Maloof, who was actively involved in the construction of the beams/beam joints, many of which were milled on the property at the time of construction." Maloof only started his career after World War II, so maybe the house is five or six decades old? Nope, it was built in 1991 and it comes with an elevator. The Jacobses are asking $2.895 million.
· 335 West BELLEVUE Dr [Redfin]