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Huge Pantages-Adjacent Mixed-Use Blvd6200 Buys Out Neighbor, Work Could Start in January

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Oh, Blvd6200, we've heard groundbreaking promises from you before. But now things are looking very good for the giant mixed-use project, which will perhaps one day bring 1,014 apartments, 28 live/work units, and 175,000 square feet of retail to Hollywood Blvd. between Argyle and El Centro. The project has a new owner as of June--it's now managed by Clarett West, a partnership between old developer Clarett Group and new owner DLJ--and now it's settled its problems with an elderly neighbor. In order for the project to move forward, octogenarian Margarita Allen, who lives across from the project's backside at Carlos and Vista Del Mar Avenues, had to give up her part of Carlos. Allen, represented by lawyer Robert P. Silverstein, was asking that the developer buy her out or pay relocation fees for the length of construction.

Silverstein confirms to Curbed that the issue has now been settled and that Allen moved out of her house in late August or early September. While he wouldn't comment on the specifics of the deal, he writes "We came to a mutually satisfactory purchase price for my clients' property. We wish the best for the project. We hope it will be a great addition to Hollywood."

Clarett West hasn't returned calls, but a neighbor tells us that excavation is scheduled to start in January. He adds that the rumor on the block is that Allen's house will be used as a field office while construction is going on.

Blvd6200's phase one included 535 apartments, about half of the retail space, and upwards of 1,300 subterranean parking spaces, according to a June LA Times article.
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