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New LA Property Search Tool, a Bonaventure Adventure

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LOS ANGELES: Today the city unveiled, a joint project of the Community Redevelopment Agency and the LADWP aimed at helping businesses find properties in Los Angeles. According to a FAQ, "The website integrates commercial and industrial real estate property listings with key workforce demographics, business information and interactive maps." The tool includes property information, as well as geographic characteristics (is a property in an economic incentive zone?), and overlays transit stations, businesses, and other relevant info. Users can also search by LA Community Plan. [Curbed Inbox]

Updated 10/7: DOWNTOWN: Even if it didn't have a stuck-in-the-eighties rotating lounge, Downtown's Bonaventure Hotel would still be one of the funnest buildings in the city. On Saturday, Dan Koeppel of LA stairway tour Big Parade is leading a "Bonaventure Adventure," co-hosted by the LA Forum and art and design project Broodwork. Take it away, Forum: "Participants in the event will walk interiors, exteriors, fly-aways and walkways of the seemingly unnavigable spaces of this landmark structure of Post-Modernism that is referred to by political geographer and urban planner Ed Soja as the epitome of getting lost." [LA Forum, image via]