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County Supes OK First Phase of Newhall Ranch Project

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It must be nineties week at the Board of Supervisors, where a short-staffed board yesterday voted 3-0 to tentatively approve the first phase of the Newhall Ranch development near Santa Clarita. Newhall Ranch has been in the works since the mid-1990s, but it was delayed by bankruptcy, lawsuits from environmental groups and Native American groups and that whole economic downturn that everyone is talking about. According to the Daily News, the Landmark Village component, as it is known, will consist of 1,174 condominiums and 270 single family homes, "all connected by plazas, retail centers and parks." The project recently gained some momentum when the US EPA and the Army Corps of Engineers buried the hatchet over flood control for the project. The Board of Supervisors will have to vote once more to make their approval final. The supes signed off on Landmark Village's environmental impact report and tract map, but the project still has several hurdles to clear, including a lawsuit filed by a coalition of environmentalists and Native American tribes and final approvals from the Los Angeles Regional Water Quality Board. Landmark is the first of four Newhall Ranch "villages" to be built over 30 years.
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