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Monrovian Files 2 More Lawsuits Against Gold Line for Total of 6

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For the Gold Line Construction Authority, tasked with building out the line from Pasadena to Azusa, a Monrovia property owner has become the boil on their bottoms that just can't be lanced. George Brokate owns property where the Authority plans to build a train maintenance facility and the GLCA must have the facility figured out before Metro releases substantial money for the construction of stations and track (a rail line basket bridge over the 210 is already being built). Brokate is represented by lawyer Robert Silverstein, who's known for filing lawsuits against (and slowing down) a lot of big Hollywood developments, and he's already leveled four lawsuits against the GLCA. Now he's just added two more, the Monrovia Patch reports. One of the new suits claims it was illegal for the Authority to award one contract, rather than two, for both the design and construction of the 11.5-mile rail line. The other new suit has to do with Monrovia trying to work around the state's attempt to kill redevelopment agencies, which hampered the sale of the maintenance land to the GLCA. Monrovia and GLCA officials don't mince words when it comes to Brokate's lawsuits, calling them "harassing" and "specious." Monrovia city manager Scott Ochoa cuts to the chase when he tells the Patch, "This has nothing to do with the city. This has to do with his negotiations with the GLCA for the property for which he wants four times the appraised value."
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