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WeHo's Santa Monica Blvd. Wins National Planning Award--Here Are Some of Its Best and Worst Moments

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The stretch of Santa Monica Blvd. that runs through West Hollywood has been named a "Great Street" by the American Planning Association as part of the organization's Great Places in America program--the designation was formally awarded at a press conference this morning at City Hall. "The APA singled out Santa Monica Boulevard in the City of West Hollywood for its ability to meld a variety of cultural influences into a dynamic streetscape," according to a press release from WeHo. "A major reconstruction project completed in 2001 not only honors the City's commitment to the street's cultural and historic heritage but has enhanced aesthetics, improved pedestrian orientation and vehicular flow, and incorporated green features." More on SMB's wonders here (even with 46,000 daily car trips, some people still walk!). This part of Santa Monica Blvd. is kind of a mixed bag planning-wise if you ask us (see images), but congratulations nonetheless, WeHo.
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