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Pole Dancer's Paradise in the Fairfax District

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Dontcha just hate it when you're all revved up to show off the sultry moves you learned in this week's pole dancing class, but are thwarted because some other hussy (we're picturing one of the Real Housewives) has gotten to the stripper pole first and refuses to relinquish it? Well, here's a listing that appears to have taken that vexing hypothetical situation into consideration and come up with a simple solution: two stripper poles! According to the copy, this exotic property hidden behind tall gates and shrubbery on Fairfax Avenue near Waring "can potentially be used as residential or commercial or both" and "can support up to 175 occupancy." Huh, how 'bout that? The 2,812 square foot building is set up as two units--one a two bedroom, two bath with full kitchen, the other a one bedroom, one bath with kitchenette. Both units feature a plethora of carved wood, arched doorways, and flagstones, and are decked out in a style you might call "Bali-wood Regency" (the property comes furnished). Put on the market just three weeks ago at $1.499 million, it's already received its first chop and is now asking $1.299 million.
· 806 N FAIRFAX Ave [Redfin]