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Gold Line to Azusa May Actually Open in 2015

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The 11.5-mile Gold Line extension from Pasadena to Azusa got some badly-needed good news late last week. On Friday, a piece of litigation from lawsuit-happy property owner George Brokate was dismissed, reports the Gold Line website. The lawsuit, one of six from Brokate, involved a challenge to the project's environmental impact report. A day before, the Gold Line Construction Authority got an infusion of $105 million from Metro that should keep the project on time for a 2015 opening. Funds have been tied up because the GLCA needed to take control of land for a train maintenance facility--the purchase of the land is delayed by another lawsuit from Brokate and the state's threatened closure of city redevelopment agencies, but Metro advanced the money to keep the train on track. [Gold Line Foothill Extension]