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Inside Artist's Backyard Halloween Maze, Maison 140 For Sale

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Cool Hunting Video Presents: The Maze from Cool Hunting on Vimeo.

EL SERENO: Since 2004, artist Albert Reyes has been building a very adult Halloween maze in his backyard in El Sereno. Coolhunting visited recently and found that "Over time, the maze has evolved from a blanket tunnel held together with sticks to a full, free-standing structure, guaranteed to spook the drunk, stoned and sober alike." They filmed it during the daytime to show off all the maze's tricks and secrets. [Coolhunting]

BEVERLY HILLS/PALM SPRINGS: A tipster passes on a flyer for two very schmancy boutique hotel properties up for sale--the Maison 140 in Beverly Hills and the Viceroy Palm Springs. Maison 140 has 44 rooms and comes with an "adjacent development site" that "was previously entitled for a 41-key expansion of the hotel." The Viceroy PS was once the Estrella Inn and was redesigned for the Viceroy Hotel Group by Kelly Wearstler. It's for sale "unencumbered by management," but the new owner could choose to continue working with Viceroy. [Curbed Inbox]

Maison 140 Beverly Hills

140 Lasky Drive, Beverly Hills, CA 90210