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Studio City Man Making Secret Videos of Dog Poop Offenders

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Every neighborhood deals with sidewalk dog poop differently. Silver Lake gets alternately entrepreneurial and creatively threatening about it. Studio City gets Big Brother on it. Studio City Patch has stumbled on this sign, attached to a light pole on Woodbridge St., east of Tujunga Ave., "with multiple layers of transparent packing tape." The sign has the heading "The Dog Doo Wall of Shame" and several blurry stills of people leaving their dogs' leavings on the grass.

Below is this message: "All of these inconsiderate jerks think it is okay to leave dog turds where you can step on them and for others to clean. They have been caught brown-handed on CCTV. The only recourse is to publicly humiliate them. Pick up after your dog or you will join them on the Dog Doo Wall of Shame!" The signmaker is a nearby property owner who has the camera for security. He put the sign up about two weeks ago and says it's already scared off one of the worst offenders.
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