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The 5 Best LA Neighborhoods for Trick-or-Treating

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It's Halloween weekend! We're going as AEG's proposed Downtown NFL stadium and heading to Industry. Scary! Where should you go? That's what we were wondering--so you nominated a long list of great trick-or-treating neighborhoods (flat streets, good lighting, lots of kids, generous neighbors, etc.) and we all voted on the best in each region. So here here they are: the Best LA Neighborhoods For Trick-or-Treating--one each in central/West LA, the South Bayish area, the San Gabriel Valley, the eastish-side, and the Valley.

Central/West LA:
Windsor Square/Larchmont Village

South Bay/Long Beach:
Manhattan Beach

San Gabriel Valley:
South Pasadena

Hill Dr. (Eagle Rock)

The Valley:
Studio City
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