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Time Is Fleeting: $15,000 Purchase Incentive To End

The Eckardt Event at Santee Village Lofts offering $15,000 in purchase incentives will officially end on October 31st. With real lofts still available from $199k, this weekend may be best opportunity to invest in the emergence of DTLA loft culture.

The Eckardt is an essential manufacturing building that has been meticulously renovated to provide critical details for today’s modern living. Each real loft is completely finished but remains a wide?open space to express individual style and taste.

In the seven months since its grand opening, Santee Village Lofts has sold over 80% of the total available units. With quick move?ins, first time buyer incentives and low down payments, the remaining units will soon be gone making now the best time to own your independence from rent.

For more information on purchasing at Santee Village Lofts: VISIT 716 S. Los Angeles Street (inside Sante Courtyard), CLICK, CALL 213.867.2131, or CONNECT and “like us” at