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Americana Expansion Approved, Here's What It'll Look Like

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Now begins act two of the great Americana at Brand expansion (Act one involved a lengthy drama over protagonist/developer Rick Caruso's acquisition of the Americana-adjacent Golden Key Hotel. Short version: he got it). On Tuesday, Glendale's city council and redevelopment agency approved plans for a three story Nordstrom and pedestrian paseo along Orange St. between Colorado St. and Caruso Ave., reports the Glendale News-Press. The Golden Key and a one story building on Orange will both be demolished. According to the staff report (pdf) for Tuesday's meeting, "Compared to the Americana, the architecture is relatively simple and understated, and styled in ribbon windows, eyebrow canopies, and the expansive, flat (and mostly windowless) surfaces reminiscent of mid-century architecture."

The main entrance will be on Caruso Ave., inside the mall, through a one and a half story high pavilion. The pavilion will have a rooftop cafe and a vertical sign. The Guess Accessories store next door will be moved out of the way to make room for a coffee bar. On the Colorado St. side, "the Nordstrom will be one of few locations to feature a large horizontal window," according to the GNP. Colorado will also get wall sconces and landscaping.

The part of Orange St. that goes into what is now Americana territory will be converted into a paseo "lined with planters, poster displays, festoon string lighting, and overhead banners, with a show window wrapping the corner of the paseo and Colorado Street." Caruso wants to incorporate the brick facade of one of the building's being demolished--it would be moved about twenty feet west.

The paper says demo will start in January and there'll be a brand new Nordstrom by October 2013.
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