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Stirrings at the Embassy Hotel, Hollywood Ficus Trees Go Down

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DOWNTOWN: Another year, another tease at the Chetrit Group-owned Embassy Hotel/Trinity Auditorium building at Grand and Ninth. It was August 2010 the last time we heard about activity at the site; now a reader writes: "There have been lots of contractors on the roof of the old building lately...well, 3 or 4 all last week and now there are probably 10 cutting and sawing away.  do you guys know what is going on there?" Chetrit had talked about turning the building into a Gansevoort Hotel and later condos avec skybridge. The developer's also been pretty busy lately at its previously-long-stalled Clark Hotel site near Hill and Fourth. [Curbed Inbox]

HOLLYWOOD: Humans have triumphed in the latest human-ficus tree battle. The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in Hollywood was under attack from a ficus grove in front of its campus at La Brea and De Longpre--the roots were cracking the sidewalk and ne'er-do-wells were hanging out among the trees, so the Community Redevelopment Agency took out the ficus, repaired the sidewalk in the area, and planted brisbane boxes and a blossoming pear tree. The new sidewalk was dedicated this week. [Curbed Inbox]

Embassy Hotel

831 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA

Embassy Hotel

851 S. Grand Ave., Los Angeles, CA