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Taalman Koch's Purdy Devis Residence in Los Feliz

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This weekend, the AIA/LA opened up four houses--two in the Hollywood Hills, two in Los Feliz--for its annual fall home tours. Join us as we tour them all.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

Updated for spelling of Devis 10/27: The Purdy Devis Residence in Los Feliz is another major remodel--Rebecca Rudolph and Linda Taalman of Taalman Koch Architecture took a 2,000 square foot 1950s house rearranged the insides to open up the common areas and create "a larger multipurpose play area for the family and a more private adult area that connects to a new outdoor space," according to the AIA. Rudolph and Taalman also used parts from the old house to make the new one to reduce waste and maintain a little of that fifties flavor.
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