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Dancer Bojangles's Paul Williams House Selling for $394k

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First and last images via Google Street view; rest by Maynard L. Parker via Paul R. Williams Project

As if the biography of this house isn't sad enough, now it's being sold as USC student housing. The Bill Robinson Residence was designed by Paul Williams for Bill Robinson, aka Bojangles, one of the all-time great dancers of the early twentieth century (and a frequent Shirley Temple collaborator). According to the Paul R. Williams Project, Robinson and his second wife Fannie decided to move to Los Angeles in the late 1930s and commissioned Williams to build "the only property [Robinson] would ever own."

The house had "a wing for Robinson at the rear of the residence containing an adult playroom with a bar, pool table and view of the landscaped garden?Fannie especially enjoyed the multiple outdoor living spaces for entertaining friends and playing with her wirehaired terrier, Mickey." They moved in in 1943, and were divorced within six months. Fannie kept the house. Robinson died broke in 1949.

A reader spotted this listing for the four bedroom, four bathroom Robinson Residence, which says just "Seller is motivated to sell. Located Blocks from USC. Excellent Rental property for College students." Judging by Google Street View, the exterior of the house is more or less intact.

Asking price is $394,000 and there's been a sale pending since July.
· Bill (Bojangles) Robinson Residence, Los Angeles, CA [Paul R. Williams Project]
· 1194 West 36TH Pl [Redfin]