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Colorful 1940s Ranch House With Pool in Burbank

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If the very realistic (at least when viewed in thumbnail size) faux bunny rabbit featured in the listing photos hadn't caught our eye, we probably wouldn't have given this 1947 ranch-style house in Burbank's Sunset Canyon neighborhood a second glance. And that would have been a shame, because while the three bedroom, two bath traditional isn't without flaws--take its kitchen floor, please--they're outweighed by the abundance of charming and quirky details, such as the whales (or perhaps dolphins--it's a little hard to tell from the pix) artistically rendered in the swimming pool tile, not to mention the vintage kitchen cabinets, cathedral-vaulted woodbeam ceilings, brick fireplace, and Jack-and-Jill sinks and towel racks. The 2,257 square foot home also has an abundance of kitchens--two, to be precise--which might come in handy for a kosher household or a family of vegans and carnivores. A trust sale, it's listed at $779,000.
· 1130 CHURCHS Ct [Redfin]