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Beth Holden's Green Greenberg Green in the Bird Streets

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This weekend, the AIA/LA opened up four houses--two in the Hollywood Hills, two in Los Feliz--for its annual fall home tours. Join us as we tour them all.

Photos by Elizabeth Daniels

In case you don't recognize all the monkeys and crying babies, this house in the Bird Streets belongs to photographer Jill Greenberg and her husband Rob Green. It's also full of LEED-style features like solar panels, radiant heating, passive cooling, and a graywater system, which all combined is how it got the name Green Greenberg Green Residence. When Greenberg bought the house in 2001, it was a "1940s brick-and-stucco 'bastardized ranch,'" according to a story from earlier this month in the LA Times. Once Greenberg and Green had babies on the way, they hired Beth Holden of Melrose-based New Theme to add a second story (and third story outdoor area) and completely change up the facade.
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