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Atwater Village Mews Check, Hancock Park MCM Pending

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ATWATER VILLAGE: The Mews may have snuck quietly onto the scene, but now they're here and they're turning it up to 11. The 23 unit small lot subdivision project (meaning no shared walls) hosted a couple hundred Elite Squad Yelpers last weekend, giving them tours of the units and stuffing them with Atwater treats. And we're told there have already been six sales, with four closings. [Curbed Inbox]

HANCOCK PARK: Let's check in on that out-of-place mid-century modern house in Hancock Park, which sprouted up in 1963 after the 1920s English Tudor on its lot burned down (the dramatic tale of derring-do is here). For a while there, the house was headed for the PriceChopper Hall of Fame--it's had three somewhat meaty chops since hitting the market in August listed at $3.995 million. But it's now down to $2.999 million and is under contract. [Redfin]

The Mews

4255-4310 Perlita Ave., Los Angeles, CA