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Bev Hills Flats New Construction Falls Flat

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 617 N. Alpine Dr., a house in the Beverly Hills flats.

617 N. Alpine Dr.
Price: $7.995 million
Over the Top Spec House: Someone put a little too much personality into this spec house, as demonstrated by the ridiculous Murano glass chandeliers in every room.
Fake Finishes: The house is all about style and has almost no substance. To create the atmosphere, everything has faux patina to terrible effect. The patina on the balcony railings looks like bird droppings.
Cutting Corners: There are some expensive elements to the house for sure, but they're usually quite ridiculous. The parts that should be expensive aren't. Laundry List: the roof, the surface-mounted lights, the missing sconces in the wine cellar, the hole in the wall where the plasma TV used to be, the mini-fridge in the master bedroom. It goes on and on.
Who was there: No one who looked too happy. There were a couple of really obviously sarcastic "Oh wow, this is so tasteful!"s.
Runner-Up: We also went to the open house for the runner up in our Curbed poll--a gorgeous 1948 four bedroom on Arden that blew our minds. That's what a house in the flats is supposed to be.
· 617 N Alpine Dr [Redfin]