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Mulholland Mansion Literally in Ruins

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Failing at photographing one's home is like failing phys ed or study hall--it shouldn't be possible, but somehow there's always someone who falls through the cracks. To help listings be their very best, we show you what not to do.

We couldn't pick one. The interior (down below) or the exterior--which is a worse offense? The current owners are apparently such Tasmanian devils that they couldn't even put the windows on their hinges or turn the bureaus right-side up for photos. This nearly 10,000 square foot mansion is in such shambles that it's listed for more than $1 million below what it sold for at foreclosure in January this year. At the time, it sold for $4.93 million; now it's asking $3.85 million. It's currently under contract, so it could end up selling for more than $3 million.

· 13320 Mulholland Dr [Redfin]