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Here's LA County's First Bike Master Plan Since 1975

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LA County has released its first Bike Master Plan since its 1975 Plan of Bikeways (which we're guessing warned riders to keep their bellbottoms out of the spokes). According to its website, it suggests 816 miles of new bikeways for the county. The plan document adds that "The County of Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan (Plan) proposes a vision for a diverse regional bicycle system of interconnected bicycle corridors, support facilities, and programs to make bicycling more practical and desirable to a broader range of people in the County...The Plan provides direction for improving mobility of bicyclists and encouraging more bicycle ridership within the County by expanding the existing bikeway network, connecting gaps, addressing constrained areas, providing for greater local and regional connectivity, and encouraging more residents to bicycle more often." The BMP will govern bicycle planning in the unincorporated county over the next 20 years. According to Streetsblog, "previous versions have come under heavy scrutiny for being too vague in areas and not proposing enough bicycle lanes, bicycle boulevards (still called bike friendly streets for some reason), and Sharrowed Streets." The county is holding a public hearing on the doc on November 16. Check out the whole thing here.

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· County of Los Angeles Bicycle Master Plan [LA County]