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Single Crank Leads East Hollywood to Seek Tall Fence Zone

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An area in East Hollywood could be getting the city's first Fence Height District, which would allow them to have over-height fences, and they've apparently got one neighbor with a lot of time on his hands to thank. Someone has called in around 150 complaints over the last few years, letting the Department of Building and Safety know about violations including too-tall fences and illegal landscaping, even if many had been around for decades, according to the Park La Brea News. Citywide, fences are only allowed to be 42 inches high.

But the East Hollywooders say they need the tall fences to prevent crime and vandalism, so they went to City Councilmember Eric Garcetti, who proposed a City Council motion to investigate the creation of a special high-fence district for the neighborhood. On Wednesday, the City Council voted to go ahead with the motion, and the Planning Department has been instructed to look into getting the area "higher than normally permitted fences for public safety purposes."

The Fence Height District would be bounded roughly by Fountain and Melrose Aves. to the north and south, Normandie Ave. on the east, and Wilton Pl. and Bronson Ave. on the west, but would exclude the Melrose Hill Historic Preservation Overlay Zone.

Meanwhile, Garcetti's also asked Planning and Building and Safety to consider waiving fees not yet collected for fences cited as over-height.
· Residents Turn to Garcetti To Mend Fences [Park La Brea News]