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Volcano Hollywood Sign Plan Spawns Meme in the Philippines

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Which country is copying the Hollywood Sign now? It's the Philippines, where the provincial council of Batangas has voted to support a plan to put a big Batangas sign on the active Taal Volcano. Ok, we have to admit, that's cooler than Mount Lee. According to the Inquirer News, the idea came from "Governor Vilma Santos-Recto, the award-winning actress." Taal Volcano is in Batangas, but is often thought to belong to the city of Tagaytay in neighboring Cavite province, since that's where the best viewing spots are (Tagaytay seems perfectly happy to have the tourists and its mayor is delightfully bitchy about Batangas in the Inquirer story).

But meanwhile the Philippines is rolling its eyes over the idea, GMA News reports, and locals have created a Facebook page called HollywoodPilipinas that's full of parody Photoshops (see example below).

Hollywoodland aside, New Zealand was the last country spotted having a fight over its own version of the Hollywood Sign.