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Rain Didn't Wreck the Expo Line, But Still No Firm Opening Date

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The Expo Line light rail was supposed to maybe going to open to La Cienega before the end of the year--well, with just over two months left to go, things aren't looking so great. Rumors popped up recently that the intense rainstorm a few weeks ago short-circuited the train's electrical system and threw out any chance of a 2011 opening. Not true (at least on the opening), says Gabriela Collins of the Expo Construction Authority: "The rain caused some minor issues with the track circuits at the crossings. Some minor adjustments were made and the track circuits at the crossings are fully functional. No major complications," Collins tells us. "Train testing is now underway... from downtown Los Angeles to La Cienega. Once testing is completed, which is anticipated in the next several weeks, the system will be turned over to Metro for pre-revenue operations. Once Metro determines that the system is safe to operate, the line will open to the public. Opening to La Cienega is still scheduled for later this year or early next year depending on how much time Metro needs for operator training and if any items need to be adjusted based on pre-revenue operations."
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