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Going Medieval in South Park, Inside Golden State Mutual

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SOUTH PARK: A classy joint like Hooters deserves a classy neighbor, like perhaps a generic "medieval restaurant." Actually this South Park site is going to be home to Excalibur Knights Place, a medieval-themed restaurant from "a pair of Romanian businessmen who are bringing the concept from Eastern Europe where they run the similarly themed Excalibur Restaurants," according to a blogdowntown story from January. [Curbed Staff]

UNIVERSITY PARK: It's not every day you can get inside Los Angeles historic-cultural monument number 1,000. In fact, it's pretty much only one day. The West Adams Heritage Association and several other groups are opening up the 1947 Golden State Mutual Life Insurance building for a tour this Saturday. The building was designed by Paul Williams for the first African-American-owned insurance company west of the Mississippi and has black history-themed murals by Hale Woodruff and Charles Alston in its lobby. Ominously, the WAHA says this "May be last chance to view endangered murals." Get tickets here. [Curbed Inbox]