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Baldwin Hills's Proto Home Excites Despite NASA Vocabulary

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This week you voted that the Weekend Warrior visit 5182 Sunlight Pl., a house that looks lovely at sunset.

5182 Sunlight Pl
AKA: The Sunlight Residence
Price: $849,900
Strange PR Move: The Hyperspace and Core sound like parts on the Battlestar Galactica, but the house didn't feel as cold as the vocabulary would lead you to believe.
Who Was There?: Investors looking into purchasing their own Proto Homes.
Best Interior Decoration: Dandelion chandelier.
Pot Sweetener: An iPad comes with the house, and the house has its own app.
Patent Pending Innovation: The Core, which holds all the plumbing and electric. We got to walk inside the surprisingly roomy Core and couldn't help but imagine the sheer joy a plumber or electrician would feel in there.
· 5182 Sunlight Pl [Redfin]

Sunlight Residence

5182 Sunlight Pl., Los Angeles, CA