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Vernon Might Start Charging More than $360 For Its Three Bedroom Rental Houses

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As part of its ongoing effort to uncorrupt itself, Vernon has voted to eventually base rents at its many city-owned housing units on market rates instead of charging $120 per bedroom (which makes rent on the mayor's three bedroom house $360 per month). The LA Times reported yesterday that "the vast majority of Vernon's roughly 100 residents" live in the city's approximately 25 units and are paying "less on average than even tenants in Los Angeles' toughest housing projects" and that the city has brought in only about $472,000 in rent since 2006. Yesterday, the city council approved a new plan that gives the seven-member housing commission the ability to set rents "based on an independent valuation." The move doesn't actually change any rents, however. According to the LAT, the commission's chairman "said the commission would explore the market value of the properties and consider other factors, such as the costs of managing the homes. He added that at this point he does not have a specific rate in mind."
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