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Mayor's FenceWatch, Fall AIA/LA Home Tours Go East

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WINDSOR SQUARE: Has it been three months already since we last got a glimpse of the under-construction fence at the Getty House (aka the mayor's residence)? This past weekend we braved the security guard's side-eye and snapped these photos. The six foot tall wall with embedded security features was controversial, but uncontested, leading up to its approval in June (the city only allows 42 inch tall walls normally). Looks like it's almost done. [Curbed Staff]

HOLLYWOOD HILLS/LOS FELIZ: After a couple tours out west, the AIA/LA is holding its Fall Home Tour a little closer to Dodgeballville. This Sunday, October 23, they'll open up houses in the Hollywood Hills (by Beth Holden and Steven Kent) and Los Feliz (by Loren Judaken and Rebecca Rudolph/Linda Taalman). All the info and tickets available here. [Curbed Inbox]