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Palihouse Developer's Full Floor in SaMo's Sailhouse Lofts

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Avi Brosh is the founder and creative behind the entirely too cool for school Paligroup (of the Palihouse Holloway in WeHo) and this is his penthouse in Santa Monica. Before Paligroup was Paligroup it was Palisades Development Group, which built the Sailhouse Lofts at Marine and Main, about a block from Venice (it was designed by RTK Architects). In 2006, Brosh nabbed a full-floor penthouse (fourth floor) with three bedrooms, four bathrooms, a wrap-around balcony, an office, and a private elevator. And now he's selling it so someone else can live like a hip developer. Asking price is $3.6 million with HOAs of $385 per month.
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