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New Genesis Apartments' Seven Stories Look Big on Main Street

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Even though very little is happening in the city construction-wise, Downtown at least has a few projects rising. The Killefer Flammang-designed New Genesis apartments has about topped-off at Main and 5th. It's surrounded by the low-rise Regent Theater and a short restaurant, so it kind of sticks out, but not necessarily in a bad way (the rendering gives us pause, though). When finished in June, the Skid Row Trust project will have 106 units, mostly for the formerly homeless and families making under $37K. The $22.3 million New Genesis replaces a former incarnation of itself, a two-story building and an adjacent parking lot. As noted before, this version will have two retail spaces and one already has a restaurant booked. The complex is hoping to be LEED-certified, according to the Downtown News, with a solar energy system on the roof.
· Skid Row Housing Trusts' New Genesis Apartments Gets Going [Curbed LA]

Old Bank District

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