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Sixth Street Viaduct Hurtling (Again) Toward Destruction

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Tomorrow the Board of Public Works will review and discuss the environmental impact review documents for a new bridge at the current location of the Sixth Street Viaduct. You know the story: locals want a solution that saves the bridge; project engineers say that is impossible--retrofit options cannot cure the concrete cancer (Alkali-Silica Reaction) that set in on the bridge within twenty years of its completion. The bridge itself opened in 1933, and the process to replace the bridge started shortly after, or four and a half years ago.

The EIR was signed by the city's Bureau of Engineering on October 13 and Caltrans on October 5, so someone really flipped the switch on moving the new bridge forward. This isn't the first time the project has advanced through the review process. The last time around, in July of 2009, the project had a hearing with the Cultural Heritage Commission, only to stall so that Caltrans could review the project's environmental documents in light of new federal regulations.

According to blogdowntown, "In the environmental documents that go to the city's Board of Public Works on Wednesday, the project team recommends a contemporary 'extradosed' bridge design, which features a cable-supported deck suspended from low towers. A recommended realignment would soften the existing structure's odd bend, widening the roadway and sidewalks and adding bicycle lanes."

The project's environmental documents are tentatively scheduled to go to City Council on November 16.

The Sixth Street Viaduct isn't the only bridge crossing the LA River facing imminent demise--the Riverside-Figueroa Bridge should be expecting demolition any minute now.
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Sixth Street Viaduct

Whittier Blvd. & E. Sixth St., Los Angeles, CA