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Occupy LA Outgrowing City Hall, Trompe L'oeil in Hermosa

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CIVIC CENTER: Occupy LA has been growing and growing, and it's about to outgrow the lawn around City Hall, where it's been set up since October 1 (one member of the Peacekeepers committee estimated today that there about 350 occupiers). Word is that there'll be several new campers coming in tomorrow and OLA has been given permission to expand onto the Triforium sculpture plaza on the northern side of the Los Angeles Mall, kitty-corner to City Hall at Temple and Main. [Curbed Staff]

HERMOSA BEACH: Don't be fooled by the cat! A reader sends in the photo above and writes: "this Hermosa Beach duplex, a couple blocks from the ocean, is a featureless stucco box w/ 3 small windows. Everything else you see- the balcony, cat, stonework, bougainvillea- is fake. Painted on." [Curbed Inbox]