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4 Juicy Facts About the Hollywood Hills Bird Streets

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The Hollywood Reporter declares that the Bird Streets--the very fancy area above the Sunset Strip where the streets have names like Oriole, Thrasher, and Nightingale--is hotter than ever. Larry Flynt and Leonardo DiCaprio have lived there for years, but there are lots of new (rich) neighbors coming in (including two Friends--Matthew Perry just bought, Jennifer Aniston just rented, although she also owns an investment property nearby). There are currently 15 houses for sale in the neighborhood, with asking prices ranging from $1.25 million to $18 million, and seven houses for rent. Here are a few other things you might not have known about the Birds:

- True Grit producer Megan Ellison owns two neighboring houses built by designer/developer Steve Hermann. She also "owns a third adjoining residence and has spent nearly $33 million to acquire the properties. Her dealmaking has been the subject of great speculation as residents wonder about her plans for the compound; she declined comment."

- A Keller Williams agent who repped the seller in the Perry sale, "says homes that are considered teardowns can fetch as much as $7 million if the lots offer '10 out of 10' views." Furthermore, the houses with views reach prices per square foot "typically achieved only in neighborhoods such as Malibu's Carbon Beach."

- The Bird Streets have a community group called the Doheny Dining Club. It's an open group, founded in 2008, that meets about twice a year for "progressive dinners." The DDC's founder says "We didn't think this was the kind of community that wanted to get to know their neighbors...But it seems that everybody wants that." The only member confirmed in the story is celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser.

- One of the Bird Streets most famous spots, the Blue Jay Way house where George Harrison wrote "Blue Jay Way" in 1967, is now a rental. According to Redfin, it last sold in 2009.
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